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IV Equipment

From ALS Drug Bags (ADB) to Intensive Care Drug Bags (IDB) NEANN provide a range of 
IV Equipment to use, carry and store including accessories such as VeinLite products.

NEANN supply a range of IV equipment to help find veins that appear invisible or difficult to see to the naked eye. VeinLite products work by the passing light throughout body parts and organs, and are safe to use on any part of the body.

They can be used on newborn, infants, children and adults to help with vein access and imaging. NEANN provide a range of VeinLite products including VeinLite EMS, VeinLite LED, VeinLite LEDX, VeinLite Pedi and the Fibre Optic VeinLite.

We also supply a range of accessories (for VeinLite products) including belt holsters and plastic covers to eliminate contamination.

NEANN are proud to be the exclusive Australian distributor of the VeinLite.

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