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Spinal Care

NEANN has carefully selected only the best of spinal equipment currently available on the world market that leads the world in pre-hospital spinal management.

Some of the Spinal Care products we supply are the:

  • NEANN Vacuum Immobilisation Mattress (only vacuum mattress on the market that allows access to the patients arms),
  • NEANN Immobilisation & Extrication Jacket (an extremely effective and easy to apply cervical splint/extrication device),
  • NEANN Long Spine Board (an uniquely modified spine board with additional length and extensive field testing),
  • NEANN Long Board Mattress (a device designed for the flat or curved Long Spine Boards),
  • NEANN Speed Clip Straps (designed for rapid attachment with velcro tightening for smooth securing of the patient),
  • NEANN Blue Head Block (a lightweight reusable vinyl coated foam blocks that provide excellent head stabilisation),
  • NEANN Spider Straps (only Spider straps on the market to provide the 'Figure Of Eight' ankle strap) and
  • NEANN Side Release Straps (a low budget, but effective method of immobilisation).
Another product that has been utilising the latest research and new anatomical studies, is the ClearCollar that has been developed and evolved over the last few years to offer the latest in Collar design and technology. It is the most advanced and easiest to apply collar because the ClearCollar's additional feature of being the only collar on the market with a new see-through design!

Other Collars also available including the Stifneck Cervical Collar which is the first one piece rigid polypropylene collars developed and the Stifneck Select with four adult extrication collars in one.

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