Drug & Ampoule Kits

At NEANN, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality medical equipment designed to optimise emergency response. Our selection of Drug and Ampoule Pouches is no exception. We cater to a diverse range of medical professionals, understanding that different scenarios require unique solutions. Read More

That’s why we offer several distinct types of IV and Drug Kits, each meticulously organised to minimise ‘search and select stress’ and optimise the speed of your response​.

The ampoule pouches in our line were designed with the needs of busy medical professionals in mind. They offer a secure, organised, and easily accessible storage solution for fragile ampoules that are critical in emergencies. Our ampoule pouches are compact enough for effortless portability yet spacious enough to accommodate a wide range of ampoule sizes and types.

Constructed from robust materials, our line ampoule pouches are built to withstand the rigours of the field, ensuring that your essential medications are always protected. Each pouch features an intuitive layout, allowing for quick identification and retrieval of the required ampoules. This not only improves the efficiency of your workflow but also significantly reduces the risk of errors during critical moments.

Furthermore, we understand that the needs of medical professionals evolve over time, and we are committed to growing with you. Our team continually seeks feedback from our clientele to improve and expand our product offerings, including our ampoule pouches. We believe that the best medical equipment is born out of practical experience and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by medical professionals.

Explore our diverse range of Drug and Ampoule Pouches today to find the perfect solution for your needs.

Trust NEANN For Your Drug and Ampoule Pouch Needs

Choose NEANN for your ampoule pouch and other emergency response equipment needs. We don’t just supply; we partner with you to save lives. As a global leader, we provide effective, reliable, and safe equipment. Our innovative design and manufacturing processes, client-focused collaboration, and reliable supply make us a trusted choice. Based in Victoria, our team’s direct engagement with emergency services motivates us to create excellent products. Plus, we’re committed to sustainability, with a certification awarded in 2008. With NEANN, you get a partner who cares about the planet as much as patient care.
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