MEDUMAT EasyCPR Ventilator
Voice-Guided Ventilator Optimized for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is not part of your daily work. However, you are regularly confronted with this emergency situation. That’s why it is so important to have a reliable partner on your team who can give you ideal assistance with ventilation and resuscitation.

WEINMANN Emergency has developed MEDUMAT Easy CPR, a product especially for emergency ventilation during and after resuscitation procedures.

Among other things, it lets you trigger a ventilator breath directly at the patient mask. The ventilator ensures maximum safety by providing you with clear voice prompts and guidance during resuscitation procedures. The developers at WEINMANN Emergency came up with an ergonomic design that makes MEDUMAT Easy CPR both intuitively operable and easy to carry to the emergency site.

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MEDUMAT EasyCPR Ventilator
Voice-Guided Ventilator Optimized for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Our smallest ventilator, MEDUMAT EasyCPR, is your perfect introduction to mechanical ventilation. MEDUMAT EasyCPR supports less experienced users through voice prompts and other features during ventilation and resuscitation.  The device is so small and light that it easily fits into an emergency backpack or emergency case.

The MEDUtrigger allows mechanical breaths to be administered right from the ventilation mask. This allows MEDUMAT EasyCPR to replace bag-valve masks during manual ventilation, while offering the safety of a mechanical ventilator.

Three different modes allow the device to be used for various applications:

  • Demand flow mode for pre-oxygenation: Enables use on spontaneously breathing patients. No additional equipment necessary.
  • Manual mode (CPR mode): For CPR in 30:2 or 15:2 mode amd position check of tube.
  • Continuous mode (IPPV): For continuous ventilation over secured airway. Use with endotracheal and laryngeal tubes possible.

MEDUMAT EasyCPR supports and unites the two major respiratory applications for emergency medical services: Resuscitation (CPR) and emergency anesthesia (RSI) in one device.

The MEDUMAT EasyCPR Ventilator’s many features & benefits include:

  • Reduced risk of gastric insufflation, barotrauma, and hyperventilation compared to bag mask ventilation
  • Easy and safe to use through a color legend and a single multistep flow selector
  • CPR mode with clear voice prompts and issue of a metronome sound for chest compression(s)
  • Mechanical breaths administered manually and near to the patient with MEDUtrigger
  • Alarm system with alarm LEDs and alarm sounds
  • Lightweight at only 600 g – ideal for bags, emergency backpacks or wall mounting and
  • Can be used consistently in the most vital of ventilation situations (demand flow mode, manual mode, continuous ventilation)


MEDUMAT Easy CPR during transport

Advantages of Mechanical Ventilation

Using MEDUMAT EasyCPR for ventilation allows patients to benefit from the advantages of mechanical ventilation. Ventilation risks and their negative effects on patients are reduced. Ventilation with MEDUMAT EasyCPR is clearly safer for patients than with a bag-valve mask. *

  • Constant volume for each mechanical breath along with constant frequency reduce the risk of hyperventilation or hypoventilation
  • Lower inspiratory pressure limits prevent barotrauma
  • An LED scale allows you to monitor airway pressure
  • Limitation of the maximum pressure to 20 mbar for mask ventilation to minimize the risk of gastric insufflation and 45 mbar for ventilation via a tube
  • An easy to understand alarm system helps with patient monitoring
*  Marjanovic, N., Le Floch, S., Jaffrelot, M., l‘Her, E.: Evaluation of manual and automatic manually-triggered ventilation performance and ergonomics using a simulation model, Respiratory Care, October 2013

MEDUMAT Easy CPR with MEDUtrigger


CPR Mode
Supports the User during Resuscitation

MEDUMAT EasyCPR assists users of various qualification levels during resuscitation. Once the CPR button is pressed, special functions for resuscitation become available:

  • The user will be guided through the processes by means of clear and straightforward voice prompts, which leads to minimal risk of user error.
  • The mechanical breaths can be administered close to the patient and manually, which is ergonomically superior and ensures minimal leaks during mask ventilation.
  • A metronome in CPR mode provides the ideal chest compression frequency for cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

MEDUMAT EasyCPR can easily be integrated into the resuscitation process and simultaneously provides guideline-conforming therapy in accordance with ERC guidelines (European Resuscitation Council Guidelines for Resuscitation):

  • Compliance with the recommended tidal volume: 6 to 7 ml/kg body weight, 500 to 600 ml at a frequency of 10/min.
  • Acoustic metronome signal with a frequency of 100/min helps to maintain the recommended compression frequency.
  • Using the MEDUtrigger for manually administering mechanical breaths allows the helper to have both hands free to ensure the mask has a good seal.
  • Only a maximum of five seconds is needed to administer two mechanical breaths in CPR mode.

MEDUMAT Easy CPR during resuscitation

Anesthesia Induction

MEDUMAT EasyCPR offers valuable support during an emergency, even when the patient needs to be intubated:

  • In demand flow mode, the patient receives 100% oxygen through the mask.
  • In CPR mode, the user can, if necessary, administer mechanical breaths at any time using the MEDUtrigger – directly on the mask.
  • A tube position check can easily be carried out by the CapnoDura Combi CO2
  • If the airway is secured, a switch to continuous mode (IPPV) with the pressure limit for intubated patients will made.

MEDUMAT Easy CPR on a stretcher

Small, Light, and Rugged
For Various Applications

Thanks to its compact dimensions, MEDUMAT EasyCPR can be integrated flexibly or stored in a bag or an emergency backpack while saving space. It is also possible to store the device (if necessary, in connection with function-enhancing modules) in the LIFE-BASE portable system.

  • Easy to carry for users – light at 600 g
  • Tested against shock and vibrations in accordance with EN 1789 and RTCA/DO 160



Length:  10.0 cm
Width:  14.5 cm
Height: 9.0 cm


Weight: 0.6 kg (approx including accessories)


Attention Customers: If you require this product urgently please contact us on 03 5284 0901 or as this product may be made to order and waiting times can take up to 8 weeks.

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 10 × 14.5 × 9 cm

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