Torquay VET Conference


Last week our sales representative from RAPP Australia Pty Ltd went to the state Australian Vet Association Annual Conference, which was held at the RACV Torquay Resort, Torquay from Friday, 13th March – Sunday 15th March 2015.

Conference highlights included:

  • Cardiotherapeutics in cats and dogs – Dr Mark Rishniw
  • Zoonoses – can a coughing cocky make you crook? – Dr Trish Stewart
  • Heavy breathing and matters of the heart – Dr Marjorie Milne
  • Resuscitation: Bringing them back from the brink – Dr Elise Boller.

The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) brought together more than 150 veterinarians, vet nurses and industry professionals to learn the latest techniques in treating cardiorespiratory disease.

This was a wonderful experience for RAPP Australia to possibly expand its future client base from not only humans but maybe to animals as well.