As a leader among medical equipment, designers and suppliers in Australia and the world, it is important to NEANN to ensure their products are always the most suitable and efficient for the task at hand. NEANN routinely seeks out new materials and techniques for design, construction and application of medical equipment so that hospital, ambulance and emergency workers in the field can rely on their equipment to work first time, every time. Providing equipment that is effective, reliable and safe to use is the most important requirement of any NEANN product.

For over three decades, NEANN has designed a large range of products that are supplied to Government agencies, hospitals and organisations. Also held are many ongoing contracts for the supply and repair of emergency services equipment, such as:

Research and Development

Research and development of new and more efficient products is part of what keeps NEANN competitive and at the forefront among medical equipment suppliers. There is a strong sentiment of collaboration among NEANN designers, builders and administrative staff to provide the best gear possible. Many of its products, such as our various first aid and ALS kits, have seen numerous upgrades thanks to the brand’s awareness of new products developments and materials, field use and client feedback.


Products of the Highest Standards

NEANN products are designed and manufactured to be effective, reliable and safe to use at all times. All products are tested to meet the intended requirements – as well as meeting and surpassing relevant Australian Standards as stipulated by law and regulatory bodies. Any products distributed by NEANN have been selected because they meet the requirements of being effective, reliable and safe to use, and also meet certain standards of production and testing in their country of origin as well as Australian legal requirements. Read more about our Quality Policy here.

With Sales Representatives from states all over Australia, NEANN can share its knowledge with your organisation to meet its every individual need.

To find out more about the design capabilities of NEANN and their catalogue of medical equipment and supplies, or about RAPP Australia Pty Ltd, please enquire online or call head office near Melbourne on 03 5284 0901.