Medical Backpacks

Hospital bags, also known as medical backpacks, are indispensable tools in the healthcare field. Ours are designed to transport crucial medical supplies, equipment, and medications, allowing medical professionals to bring the capabilities of a hospital room to the patient, no matter the location. Order online today. Read More

NEANN, a trusted name in the medical industry, offers a range of these specialised medical backpacks. With a focus on ergonomics, comfort, and support, NEANN’s backpacks are designed to withstand all terrains, ensuring the safe and secure transportation of medical supplies​​.

One such product in their catalogue is the NEANN Paramedic Response Kit. This backpack is designed to meet the needs of paramedics on the go, providing an organised and efficient solution for carrying necessary medical equipment. The NEANN BackPack Resuscitator, is another noteworthy product. This blue backpack is an optimal choice for professionals involved in resuscitation efforts, featuring design aspects that make it suitable for emergency situations where every second counts.

For more general first aid needs, NEANN offers the FAB, or First Aid BackPack. This backpack is compact yet spacious, allowing for the organisation of various first aid supplies.The NEANN Hospital in the Home (HITH) Backpack is a unique offering that allows healthcare professionals to provide hospital-level care right in the patient’s home. This can be particularly beneficial for home care services, palliative care, or for patients who have difficulty visiting medical facilities.

Finally, the NEANN Hospital Code Grey Backpack is designed specifically for situations where a Code Grey is called in a hospital – situations that involve aggressive or potentially violent patients. This backpack allows healthcare professionals to carry the necessary tools and equipment to safely manage these situations​​.

These medical backpacks offered by NEANN are vital tools for healthcare professionals, serving as mobile hospitals that can be carried on the back. They ensure that medical services are always within reach, whether in a hospital setting, at a patient’s home, or in the field during emergencies.

Why Trust NEANN For Your Medical Backpacks

You can count on NEANN, a respected branch of RAPP Australia Pty Ltd, for all your medical backpacks and varied emergency response needs. Our identity extends beyond being a mere supplier — we see ourselves as your ally in the life-saving tasks. Our reputation on a global scale is built on the pillars of reliability, efficiency, and safety.

Our unique approach to design and production stems from a commitment to quality and a comprehensive understanding of emergency services. This understanding is bolstered by our direct involvement with these services, a crucial aspect that continually motivates our team in Victoria to craft superior products.

Moreover, we understand that our success is hinged on the power of collaboration. We nurture a tight-knit relationship with our clients, cultivating a cooperative partnership that yields custom-tailored solutions and a steady supply of life-saving equipment. Our dedication also expands to our environmental responsibilities. Since 2008, we have earned certification for our environmentally mindful practices.

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