Vein Finding & IV Equipment

NEANN offers a comprehensive range of Intravenous (IV) equipment, designed to facilitate storage, administration, and detection of veins even under challenging conditions. Our products are the embodiment of precision, quality, and innovation, tailored to meet the rigorous demands of the healthcare industry. Read More

A standout product in our range is the VeinLite EMS PRO. This handheld vein finder uses transillumination to display vein structures, making it a highly practical tool for vein access in adults and children. The VeinLite EMS PRO uses 24 LED’s in 3 colours, including a white exam light for working in low-light conditions. Its design includes a C-shaped opening that prevents veins from rolling during venipuncture, enhancing the accuracy and safety of the procedure. Recognised as an essential part of an EMS Kit, the VeinLite EMS PRO is the most trusted vein finder light among paramedics, emergency medical teams, and emergency room personnel who require fast, accurate, one-stick vein access​​.

Another significant product in our catalogue is the Veinlite LEDX Adult Transilluminator. Designed to provide vein access, the Veinlite LEDX utilises a combination of 24 orange and 8 red LED lights, enhancing vein imaging in patients. This tool is widely acclaimed for its ability to illuminate veins up to 10mm deep, making it a preferred choice for healthcare professionals working with a variety of patient demographics.

Our IV equipment is not only about vein finders. We also offer products like ALS Drug Bags (ADB) and Ampoule Openers that support the seamless execution of healthcare tasks. With NEANN’s IV equipment, healthcare professionals can expect an amalgamation of functionality, comfort, and precision that complements their skills and enhances patient care.

Buy Your Vein Finders from NEANN

Trust in NEANN, a distinguished subsidiary of RAPP Australia Pty Ltd, to deliver all your vein finder light and other emergency response necessities. We are more than just a provider — we view ourselves as your collaborator in carrying out life-saving operations. Our global standing rests on a solid foundation of dependability, effectiveness, and security.

Our distinctive method to design and manufacturing comes from an unwavering commitment to excellence and a profound knowledge of emergency services. This knowledge is enhanced by our direct participation with these services, a key factor that consistently inspires our Victoria-based team to create outstanding products.

We also recognise the significant role of collaboration in our success. We foster strong bonds with our clients, forging a collaborative partnership that brings forth personalised solutions and a consistent stream of life-preserving equipment. Our commitment extends to our obligations towards the environment. Since 2008, we have held certification for our eco-conscious practices.

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