Out of Stock Goods / Availability of Goods

You acknowledge and agree that from time to time, some goods on the website may be out of stock or unavailable and we may not be able to fulfill all or part of your order(s).

Where a comparable product or alternative arrangement cannot be agreed upon, then we will refund you the price paid for the goods.


Process to Refunding an Order / Good(s)

After receiving the good(s), you have 30 days to contact RAPP Australia Pty Ltd on 03 5284 0901 or via email at sales@rappaustralia.com.au to be eligible for a return of the good(s) purchased.

RAPP Australia Pty Ltd will not refund your order unless it is returned. Please refer to our Returns Policy for the process to return an order or good(s).


Refunding Good(s)

Once you have completed the returns process, your good(s) will be assessed to see if you are eligible for a full or partial refund.

If your good(s) has been authorised to be reimbursed, we will notify you to make arrangements to provide you with a refunded for the price paid for the good(s).

We will use reasonable endeavours to process the refund within ten (10) Business Days from the date of refund approval.

Your receipt of your refund will depend on the period of time it takes your financial institution to finalise the refund. RAPP Australia Pty Ltd is not liable with respect to any loss you or any third party might suffer as a result of any delay in processing your refund.

At times there may be delays in crediting your credit card which are caused by the issuing bank. Please contact us if you have not received your credit within 21 days.


Refusing to Refund Good(s)

RAPP Australia Pty Ltd has the right to refuse to refund you your good(s). We will notify you if this is the decision we have made. Please refer to our Returns Policy or contact us on 03 5284 0901 or via email at sales@rappaustralia.com.au for more information.