Pulse Oximetry

Pulse oximetry is a straightforward, cost-effective, non-invasive technology that allows you to monitor the percentage of haemoglobin in the blood that is saturated with oxygen. Order online today. Read More In this catalogue, you’ll find devices like the NEANN Finger Pulse Oximeter, a compact yet dependable device that provides a quick and easy way to spot-check oxygen and heart rate levels. This state-of-the-art pulse oximeter operates with a single-button, featuring a clear colour LED display that offers an intuitive, user-friendly experience.

For convenience and longevity, the NEANN Finger Pulse Oximeter automatically powers off when you remove the finger, maximising battery life. The inner finger area of the device is padded with soft silicone, ensuring it stays comfortably on the finger during use. This model comes with a shock cover, a carry case with a lanyard, and requires 2 AAA batteries.

We also offer accessories to accompany your pulse oximeter, such as the Pouch for the Finger Pulse Oximeter. It’s a small, lightweight carrying case that comes with a handy loop for attaching to your belt. This provides a hands-free solution for carrying your pulse oximetry, ensuring it’s always within easy reach when needed.

Pulse oximetry is a crucial aspect of patient care, used by medical professionals worldwide. The devices in our catalogue are designed with the needs of healthcare practitioners in mind, ensuring accurate, efficient, and user-friendly operation.

Whether you’re a healthcare professional in a hospital setting, a paramedic on the front lines, or an individual monitoring a health condition at home, we believe you’ll find a pulse oximeter in our catalogue that meets your specific requirements.

Why Trust NEANN For Your Pulse Oximeter Needs

Trust in NEANN, a distinguished subsidiary of RAPP Australia Pty Ltd, to deliver all your pulse oximeters and other emergency response necessities. We are more than just a provider — we view ourselves as your collaborator in carrying out life-saving operations. Our global standing rests on a solid foundation of dependability, effectiveness, and security.

Our distinctive method to design and manufacturing comes from an unwavering commitment to excellence and a profound knowledge of emergency services. This knowledge is enhanced by our direct participation with these services, a key factor that consistently inspires our Victoria-based team to create outstanding products.

We also recognise the significant role of collaboration in our success. We foster strong bonds with our clients, forging a collaborative partnership that brings forth personalised solutions and a consistent stream of life-preserving equipment. Our commitment extends to our obligations towards the environment. Since 2008, we have held certification for our eco-conscious practices.

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