Hospital In the Home (HITH) Kits

Our catalogue of hospital at home equipment is a comprehensive range of medical tools and devices designed to provide patients with the level of care they would receive in a hospital, but in the comfort of their own homes. Order online today. Read More This innovative approach to healthcare is becoming increasingly popular due to the convenience it offers to both healthcare providers and patients. As a result, the demand for specialised hospital at home equipment has risen significantly.

NEANN, a renowned provider of medical equipment, now offers a complete assortment of equipment, making it easier for Hospital in the Home providers to equip themselves with all the necessary tools they need to offer high-quality care.

Among the products offered in the NEANN catalogue, the Hospital In the Home (HITH) Equipment Kit is a standout. This all-in-one package includes a variety of essential tools. It’s available in either green or red, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your preferences​​.

Other key items in the catalogue include the Padded Sling for Kits, Trolley Securing Strap, and the HITH Equipment Kit Desk Panel. These items cater to specific needs that may arise during in-home care, ensuring that healthcare providers are always prepared for any situation.​.

Additionally, NEANN offers a range of pouches for your hospital at home equipment. The Large Pouch, the Observation Pouch, and the Small Pouch are all among our bestsellers. Each is designed to keep your equipment secure and organised, making it easier to transport and access during in-home visits​​.

For those who frequently travel to provide home care, the hospital at home Vehicle Kit and Backpack offer great value. These kits allow for easy transportation of your hospital at home equipment and ensure that your tools are always within reach when you need them. The Vehicle Kit even includes a Large Cooler Pouch, providing a temperature-controlled environment for any sensitive equipment or medications​​.

Why Trust NEANN For Your Hospital at Home Equipment

You can count on NEANN, a respected branch of RAPP Australia Pty Ltd, for all your hospital at home equipment and varied emergency response needs. Our identity extends beyond being a mere supplier — we see ourselves as your ally in the life-saving tasks. Our reputation on a global scale is built on the pillars of reliability, efficiency, and safety.

Our unique approach to design and production stems from a commitment to quality and a comprehensive understanding of emergency services. This understanding is bolstered by our direct involvement with these services, a crucial aspect that continually motivates our team in Victoria to craft superior products.

Moreover, we understand that our success is hinged on the power of collaboration. We nurture a tight-knit relationship with our clients, cultivating a cooperative partnership that yields custom-tailored solutions and a steady supply of life-saving equipment. Our dedication also expands to our environmental responsibilities. Since 2008, we have earned certification for our environmentally mindful practices.

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