Trauma First Aid Kit

For those who find themselves in dangerous situations or distant territories where serious injuries occur, our trauma first aid kits are the go-to solution. Order online today. Read More

These comprehensive kits serve multiple victims who have experienced severe, life-threatening traumas. They are meticulously engineered to provide the needed support in stabilising patients until they can be securely transported to a healthcare facility.

A standout item in our range is the NEANN TEK+ (Trauma Equipment Kit +). This trauma first aid kit was built with a focus on precision and functionality. It is dedicated to ensuring every component has its own specific spot, avoiding overlooked compartments or gear. This approach increases the effectiveness of medical staff in crisis situations, guaranteeing they can swiftly find and utilise the needed apparatus.

Our trauma first aid kits, such as the NEANN TEK+, include an intuitive layout guide that helps in the accurate positioning and repositioning of equipment. This feature guarantees all instruments are consistently in their predetermined spot, ready for use in critical times. We have integrated a detachable wear-resistant base and robust runners for added durability and longevity. Reflective tape is abundantly used in our kits, keeping safety as our top priority.

Get Your Trauma First Aid Kit from NEANN

Place your trust in NEANN, a respected division of RAPP Australia Pty Ltd, for supplying all your trauma first aid kit needs and other emergency relief essentials. We see ourselves not merely as a supplier but also as your partner in executing life-saving missions. Our worldwide reputation is built on the pillars of reliability, efficacy, and safety.

Our unique approach to design and production is rooted in a dedication to superior quality and deep understanding of emergency services. This understanding is continually enriched by our direct engagement with these services, motivating our Victoria-based team to produce exceptional products consistently.

We understand the critical importance of partnership in our success. We cultivate robust relationships with our clients, forming a cooperative alliance that leads to customised solutions and a constant supply of life-saving gear. Our commitment also reaches towards our environmental responsibilities. We have maintained certification for our environmentally-friendly practices since 2008.

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