Patient Handling

Hospital bags designed for patient handling have evolved significantly over the years. One such advancement is the implementation of vacuum mattress technology. NEANN, a global leader in the medical equipment industry, has fully embraced this innovation, developing products that offer unparalleled patient comfort and safety. Read More

The cornerstone of this range is the NEANN VIM (Vacuum Immobilisation Mattress). This product exemplifies how the mattress vacuum concept can be incorporated into patient handling solutions, enhancing safety and comfort during patient transport. The related products in the VIM series, such as the carry bag and the pump adaptor, further contribute to an integrated and efficient system​​.

Building on the mattress vacuum technology, NEANN also offers the VIM Vacmat Splint Valve and its tethered variant. These accessories ensure meticulous control over the immobilisation process, underlining the importance of safety in patient handling​​.

NEANN’s dedication to providing optimal solutions is also evident in the Combination Scoop Stretcher and the Xtra Back Spine Board. These products, coupled with the Vacuum Splint Small Vacuum Pump and the Hand and Foot Vacuum Mattress Pump, offer comprehensive solutions for patient handling, promising maximum comfort and safety​​. The catalogue is rounded off with the NEANN Blue Head Blocks (Set), an invaluable tool for head immobilisation. This product, like all others in NEANN’s range, bears the hallmark of high-quality design and construction, reinforcing NEANN’s commitment to the healthcare sector​​.

NEANN’s patient handling catalogue shows our dedication to harnessing cutting-edge technology like the mattress vacuum and vacuum mattress for the benefit of healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Why Trust NEANN For Your Vacuum Mattress Patient Handling Equipment

You can count on NEANN, a respected branch of RAPP Australia Pty Ltd, for all your patient handling and varied emergency response needs. Our identity extends beyond being a mere supplier — we see ourselves as your ally in the life-saving tasks. Our reputation on a global scale is built on the pillars of reliability, efficiency, and safety.

Our unique approach to design and production stems from a commitment to quality and a comprehensive understanding of emergency services. This understanding is bolstered by our direct involvement with these services, a crucial aspect that continually motivates our team in Victoria to craft superior products.

Moreover, we understand that our success is hinged on the power of collaboration. We nurture a tight-knit relationship with our clients, cultivating a cooperative partnership that yields custom-tailored solutions and a steady supply of life-saving equipment. Our dedication also expands to our environmental responsibilities. Since 2008, we have earned certification for our environmentally mindful practices.

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